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Why prefer Piles Laser Treatment?

Piles को उपचारको लाग Laser नै किन

Piles treatment with Laser Technology has proven itself to be a safe, highly effective, very less painful, and a very user friendly treatment in terms of recovery time, and recurrence rate. This technology enables patients to recover faster with less pain and also maintain mobility required to do basic tasks from Day 1 of the surgery.

लेजर टेक्नोलोजीको साथ पायल्स उपचारले आफैलाई एक सुरक्षित, अत्यधिक प्रभावकारी, धेरै कम पीडादायी, र रिकभरी समय, र पुनरावृत्ति दरको सन्दर्भमा धेरै प्रयोगकर्ता मैत्री उपचार साबित गरेको छ। यो प्रविधिले बिरामीहरूलाई कम दुखाइमा छिटो निको हुन र शल्यक्रियाको पहिलो दिनदेखि आधारभूत कार्यहरू गर्न आवश्यक गतिशीलता कायम राख्न सक्षम बनाउँछ।

Laser Treatment of Piles Process & Timeline

Piles को Laser उपचारको प्रक्रिया र समयब्धी 

  • In order to conduct the necessary treatment of pilesfissure, and fistula using Laser, it is mandatory that our doctors conduct OPD checkup and consult with the patients on possible ways of treatment. 
  • Remember, not all piles require intervention using Laser Technology. The doctors will recommend only the best route to treatment. Given that laser is a suitable treatment, and that the patients feel comfortable pursuing with the option, we move ahead with finalizing a date that is best for both the Surgeons and the patients. 
  • Once the date is finalized, the patient is required to move ahead with necessary Lab Diagnostics in timely fashion. On the OT day, the report should be available as soon as possible to make sure there is no need to cancel the treatment because of Lab findings. 
  • Patients should not eat any solid food at least 6 hours before the surgery, and can not consume any liquid at least 3 hours before surgery. The patients must visit the clinic 1 hour before the scheduled surgery time. 
  • Once arrived, our expert nurse and medical professionals will take good care of the patient during and post surgery.  
piles laser treatment detailed

How long does it take to recover?

Piles को Laser उपचार पछी जाती हुन कती समय लाग्छ ?

Since laser treatment does not include any open cut wound, the patients can actually maintain basic mobility since the day of the operation itself. 

what is piles

Frequently Asked Questions

High fiber food, Apples, Legumes, Bananas, Watermelons, Cucumbers, Raspberries, Potatoes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, etc. 
उच्च फाइबर खाना, स्याउ, फलफूल, केरा, तरबूज, काकडीहरू, रास्पबेरी, आलु, ब्रोकाउली, फूलगोभी, आदि  I

Red Meat, Low-fiber foods, Oily foods, Fatty, hot and spicy foods, Caffeinated drinks and beverages, Alcohol, Smoking, etc.
रातो मासु, कम फाइबरयुक्त खानाहरू, तेलयुक्त खानेकुराहरू, चिल्लो, मसालेदार खानाहरू, क्याफिनयुक्त पेय पदार्थ, रक्सी, धुम्रपान, आदि  

Involves no cuts or incisions, No risk of infections, No scar formation, No major post-surgical complications, Minimal bleeding compared to open piles surgery, Fast recovery, etc.
कुनै काट्ने वा चीरा समावेश हुदैन, संक्रमणको जोखिम कम हुन्छ, कुनै दाग बस्दैन, सल्यक्रिया पछि जटिलता हुदैन, ओपन पायल्स सर्जरीको तुलनामा न्यूनतम रक्तस्राव, छिटो निको हुन्छ, आदि 

It ranges from 30 – 60 thousand depending on the case.
केस मा निर्भर गर्दछ र यो ३० देखि ६० हजार सम्म हुन सक्छ।

You only need to remain at the hospital for two hours after surgery. We will contact you for a single follow-up appointment to ensure that everything is satisfactory, and if so, no further follow-ups will be necessary after your laser treatment for piles.
शल्यक्रिया पछि तपाईले दुई घण्टा मात्र अस्पतालमा बस्नु पर्छ। सबै कुरा सन्तोषजनक छ भन्ने कुरा सुनिश्चित गर्न हामी तपाईंलाई एक चोटी फलो-अप अपोइन्टमेन्टको लागि सम्पर्क गर्नेछौं, र यदि सबै कुरा ठिक छ भने, तपाईंको पायल्सको लेजर उपचार पछि थप फलो-अपहरू आवश्यक पर्दैन।

A team consisting of a senior GI surgeon of Teaching Hospital, an Anesthesiologist, and medical staffs (Nurse).
शिक्षण अस्पतालका वरिष्ठ जीआई सर्जन, एनेस्थेसियोलोजिष्ट र मेडिकल स्टाफ (नर्स) सम्मिलित टोलीद्वारा लेजर सल्यक्रिया गरिनेछ 

You can visit Clinic Neo from Sunday to Friday at 3 – 7 PM and on Saturday from 8 – 10 PM. You can call 9805678379 and 01-5907370.
तपाईं आइतवार देखि शुक्रवार सम्म साझ ३ देखि ७ र शनिबार बिहान ८ देखि १० सम्म क्लिनिक नियोमा आएर चेकअप गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ। डाकटर संग समय लिनको लागि ९८०५६७८३७९ र ०१-५९०७३७० मा सम्पर्क गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ

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